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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Stanford School of Medicine partnered with Senpex as their logistics provider for the launch of the Community Alliance to Test Coronavirus at Home (CATCH) Study, a new COVID-19 testing and surveillance program in 12 counties throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Senpex's logistics services have helped enable population-wide access to testing through the use of novel at home self-collection kits. The kits are then transported to the Stanford Health Care Clinical Virology Laboratory where the laboratory's high-throughput testing is implemented to ensure optimal turnaround of the test results.

COVID -19 is a new illness that has changed the landscape of how society functions in 2020, Early detection of the illness has been critical towards effectively combatting the spread of the virus.

Stanford Medicine needed to better understand the demographics of COVID-19 and determine if at-home sample-collection kits could boost access to accurate testing.

Stanford had received emergency-use authorization by the FDA but due to the rise in daily cases needed to deliver the testing kits rapidly to patients to begin data collection, they did not have the time to deal with complex contactless delivery quotes and processes involved with traditional medical couriers.

Senpex met with the coordinators through the Vera Cloud Testing Platform and began a discovery process to asses the needs of the project and understand the complexities involved with the current global pandemic.

Senpex lead the logistics co-ordination and delivery of the at-home sample-collection kits through the Senpex API, this enabled Senpex's on demand medical delivery fleet to seamlessly integrate with the Stanford Medicine portal and manage the entire contactless medical delivery process from end to end at scale.

Senpex provided real-time route optimization and insights directly to Stanford Medicine through their existing communication channels, ensuring absolute transparency throughout the delivery of this vital package.

The rapid delivery of the self-collection kit provides another tool to broaden the availability of COVID-19 testing. The kit can help organizations outside Stanford Medicine, such as nursing homes, companies and colleges, reliably test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 the Senpex platform has successfully enabled Stanford Medicine to continue to deliver the self-collection kits throughout the Bay Area.

Senpex has become the medical delivery provider of choice in today's contactless environment. Pioneering the dynamic shift in the ever changing landscape of medical logistics processes. The at-home testing kits now have the ability to be delivered at scale as Senpex expands it's reach into new regions. The self-testing kit can now be disseminated broadly to organizations, businesses and individuals, as long as samples can be returned to the Stanford Virology Laboratory, or other participating laboratories, within 48 hours. With the Senpex delivery platform, Stanford Medicine now has the ability to make this vision a reality.

“I am thrilled to see this work translate from research to clinical application”

- Quake, Lee Otterson Professor in the School of Engineering and co-president of the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, and one of the project leaders.

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