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Restaurant Depot is a Members-Only Wholesale Cash & Carry Foodservice Supplier. Our mission is to be your one-stop shop for Savings, Selection and Service, Seven Days a Week. We have been supplying independent food businesses with quality products from large cash and carry warehouse stores since 1990. We became the leading low-cost alternative to other foodservice suppliers by eliminating the overhead of a traditional distributor, focusing on the needs of independent foodservice operators and offering free membership. How to order at member.restsaurantdepot.com/sanjose

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Senpex API use in the future.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Senpex has announced that it is integrating its API with Restaurant Depot’s fulfillment operations expanding its technological reach into new on-demand capabilities to be used in the enhancement of both internal operations and in its sales efforts providing new potential revenue channels.

Restaurant Depot wanted to optimize existing delivery processes within the B2B sector, providing a direct to consumer distribution network that removes all the overhead typically associated with commercial Brick and Mortar retail outlets.

Restaurant Depot is open 7 days a week to their consumers and required a flexible, on-demand delivery network that would have the capability to support deliveries on weekends.

Restaurant Depot needed a platform that would provide real time insight into the status of their deliveries including tracking and monitoring.

Senpex met with the Restaurant Depot team to discuss the implementation of their system, This process involved a deep dive into the existing mechanisms in place to ensure supplies are sent in a timely manner to consumers.

Senpex and Restaurant Depot went through an in-depth demonstration of the platform to ensure that both teams were set up for success, including education of the complex ai-based framework that enables its technology to deploy a unique set of custom parameters for each client order in real time.

Senpex integrated their system through the Restaurant Depot member portal, allowing customers to go in and place their order and have a delivery automatically scheduled at a time best suited for the consumer.

Since using the Senpex API (Restaurant Depot, 2020). They have removed the minimum order requirements. Whether one purchases food or a few bakery supplies and tableware. Restaurant Depot saves time and money. In addition, members now have the option of buying several things by piece at Restaurant Depot through the Senpex API. Restaurant Depots new technical scope includes new capabilities that are on-demand enhances both internal operations and creating new possible revenue sources in its sales efforts.

Senpex API has been deemed "the future of wholesale distribution", early adopters like Restaurant Depot have continued to take full advantage of the platform and it's diverse set of capabilities.

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