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LeanFeast Silicon Valley is a convenience-based restaurant and online storefront, providing healthy meals on-the-go for anyone who finds it challenging to maintain proper daily nutrition. LeanFeast Silicon Valley serves a diverse clientele from all sorts of professional backgrounds which include: San Francisco 49ers, San Jose Sharks, Lockheed Martin, eBay, Google, NVidia, and Apple Computers. Plus, honor the ability to serve those front line workers; police, fire, medical, military & service-based industries.

LeanFeast Silicon Valley


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Sunday, December 20, 2020

December 1, 2020 - The restaurant owners were obligated to close their dining rooms on a "Take-out" model only since the lockdown has started, but the fear of the panedemic is still the same. Many of us are still concerned in regards to how our food will be prepared and delivered with caution. However, LeanFeast Silicon Valley is able to help while providing fresh & healthy made to order meals preventing consumers from having to leave their home. Plus, the best part is Senpex has backed them. Senpex in collaboration with LeanFeast Silicon Valley is now offering timely food delivery services to your doorstep anywhere within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Under the increasing uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the world, The food and beverage industry had come to a halt. Businesses were forced to shutter their doors as the rise of cases continued to increase.

In addition to the rise in cases, LeanFeast had pivoted to grow their online operations through a new e-commerce platform and needed to ensure they rigorously followed the CDC guidelines while providing meal delivery from their website right to their customers doorstep.

LeanFeast wanted to ensure that all orders adheared to a strict contactless delivery guideline for all meal orders through their website and did not want to have to create manual delivery quotes for every order as it came through their website.

Senpex worked with the LeanFeast team to implement an automated delivery processing and tracking system commonly referred to as an API into the LeanFeast website. This API would automatically process orders as they come in and connect them to a fleet of on-demand contactless couriers to arrange pick-up / delivery as the orders came through.

Following the initial testing, LeanFeast had the API up and running almost instantaneously, allowing them to completely remove themselves from their logistics processes and put the complex post-order and delivery process into the hands of the elite Senpex delivery team.

Senpex continued to monitor the automated order and delivery process to ensure that strict quality service and contactless guidelines were met and provided consistent multi-destination drop-off support optimized for maximum efficiency and cost-reduction for both the customer and LeanFast alike.

LeanFast has fully adopted the Senpex network allowing customer to process an order and the system to ensure that the meal arrives at the customers doorstep, providing transparent pricing and communication throughout the entire process for both LeanFast and the customer, without either having to do any additional work.

LeanFast will continue to use Senpex to assist in automating their delivery process in a partnership built to support the customers across the San Francisco Bay Area. Senpex has become an industry leader for e-commerce companies looking to remove themselves from the complex logistics processes following order placement and ensure that the contactless delivery arrives safely in the hands of the customer following an order, whether it is one order or hundreds.

“In this challenging time, when we have to be extra-cautious while delivering meals, we can’t rely on any local courier company rather than Senpex. Before collaborating, we scheduled a meeting & checked ins-and-outs of the delivery process. There was no scope of holes in their process; moreover they take CDC guidelines very attentively. We moved one step ahead & hired them for pickup & delivery service and I must say, they have a dedicated & humble staff.”

Mike Gordon, Managing Partner / Owner - LeanFeast

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